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As far as we know, we’re the first: South Africa’s premier Live Stream Canna Culture Show.

We started off on Sunday afternoons for a few weeks before moving the show to Thursday evenings. Not only are our couches graced with some incredible guests, but we also get to stream in some famous folk from all over the world as we chat about local and global cannabis news and entertainment. We review some pretty awesome products too; bud, dab, edibles and gear.

Tune in every Thursday from 7pm SAST, live and unpredictable from the HotBox Studio for local and international news, product reviews, weekly guests, and a whole lot of South African #dagga #weed culture.

Our Hosts

JulesHalf of the Dagga Couple
Usually described as one half of the Dagga Couple. Also one of the nicest humans we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. If you don’t know who the Dagga Couple are, which rock have you been hiding under?
BuzzOur Media Machine
He was once super blessed to be part of an SABC Newsroom interview with a lady from Concerned Young People of SA which went viral. He had facts, she had nothing. We all laughed and laughed.
Joaka The Handbrake Chick
General assistant at FGA and a proud canna-mom. Also, inventor of ‘Bring a Bong to Work’ day. It’ll catch on. We think.
DanThe Grow Man
Dan the Grow Man is back from the UK and ready to share his growing knowledge. Dan will teach us all how to become a GrowPro! Don’t miss out on our weekly lessons.

All Episodes

Jul – Dec 2018

Episode 57

Episode 57:  DAN’S RETURN!
Streamed live on 8 Nov 2018
Duration: 1:27:57

There’s a jam packed edition of the #HotboxShow tonight. Grower Dan is back from the UK with some stories to tell and we’ll also be discussing the hectic ‘Spice’ synthetic weed that’s hit the Pretoria streets, the world’s first 4.20 friendly airport, Chinese cop shops opening in SA and the indica sativa debate just got complex.

Episode 56

Episode 57: ft Gevaaailik
Streamed live on 25 Oct 2018
Duration: 1:47:07
Guests: Gevaaailik & Svensimilla

On this evening’s episode of the #HotboxShow we welcome back the gevaaalik.com crew onto the couch for another off the cuff hour of unpredictability.

Tonight’s topics include, the church with it’s knickers in a knot, a $200k never ending weed plant, baked on bongs 101 and the Simpsons were right all along. Roll a fatty, there’s gonna be laaaank dank…….

Episode 55

Episode 55: SEX & SHWAG
Streamed live on 18 Oct 2018
Duration: 1:34:07
Guests: Arno & Syd

On tonight’s episode of the #HotboxShow, we’ll be celebrating the ‘legalisation’ of weed in Canada with some tasty looking rosin that came through the mail. Other topics on the table tonight on the live feed include;  Is shwag making a comeback? Does weed make sex better? How’s your driving on dagga? And why did your favourite herb get blamed for a local throat slitting?

Episode 54

Streamed live on 11 Oct 2018
Guests: B-Rad, Robyn

On tonight’s #HotboxShow, we’ll be, amongst other things, dissecting last week’s Fields of Green for ALL driving experiment at the Gerotek Testing Facility outside Pretoria and the Business Day’s report that was released today.

Other discussions went around how to cure the ‘droogies’, a teen being dankfished by cops in the US and the SA Cops suggesting that they’ll review all outstanding Dagga arrest cases.

Episode 53

Streamed live on 4 Oct 2018
Duration: 1:54:11
Guests: James Grant, Brandon Auret

On tonight’s episode of the #HotboxShow, we have Advocate James Grant in the studio to continue the dissection of the ConCourt judgement. What are you rights? What is private? How much can you grow? These, plus many of the other questions that fill our inbox on a daily basis.

Also on the show, we’ll tell you all about how we took the Fields of Green for ALL office to Gerotek Testing Facility outside Pretoria for a skid pan driving-while-blazed test, in a sponsored Amarok from Volkswagen Group South Africa, in collaboration with Business Day Motoring, Ignition TV and the Mary Java Coffee Shop & Show.

Then the discussion turns to; is cannabis in beer a good thing?, SA’s athletes get a Dagga use warning while Canada opens its first 420-friendly games bar.

Episode 52

Published on 27 Sep 2018
Duration: 1:44:06
Guests: Jeremy Acton, Emile

On this week’s edition of The #HotboxShow we’ll be discussion the country’s reaction to the ConCourt judgement after a week of mulling it over.

We’ve got the rehabs and the religious right banging their chests and coming up with some zombie apocalypse statistics; a stoner dad sticking up for his parenting methods; an update on the now mythical 3kg possession limit, news of Coca-Cola eyeing the weed market, and some tasty looking products to test drive from the #desiredoutcomes tour.

Episode 51

Streamed live on 20 Sep 2018
Duration: 1:23:07
Guests: Connor
Hangouts: James Grant

In an extended edition of the #HotboxShow we’ll do our best to unpack this week’s momentous news from the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg. What does ‘privacy’ mean?, where is private?, where can you smoke?, how much can you grow? what will the cops do about it and is #Dagga paranoia a thing of the past ?

Is this ruling going to open the gates for the legalisation of other drugs? The Rand gets high on the concourt judgement, are dagga sniffing dogs going to be retrenched?  We get ‘breaking news’, make a call to confirm validity of the document … and so begins the 3kg saga.

We also chat about the 1st Annual CDCSA AGM held in the Eastern Cape and the Dagga Couple’s Desired Outcomes tour.

Episode 50

Streamed live on 14 Sep 2018
Duration: 54:49
Guests: Tony Budden, Ras Warren

On our 50th birthday we’re in Chintsa in the Eastern Cape at the CDCSA’s 1st AGM. On this episode of the #HotBoxShow we discuss next week’s Constitutional Court judgement in Jo’burg, Elon Musk busting a fat blunt with Joe Rogan, fighting off robbers with a bong and the CDCSA with special guests Tony Budden and Ras Warren Yellowman.

Episode 49

Episode 49:
Streamed live on 6 Sep 2018
Duration: 1:10:14
Guests: Charl & Jamie Zeederberg

On tonight’s #HotboxShow we’ve got an update from the KZN leg of the DC’s #DesiredOutcomes tour and a full couch of guests. Charl will be joining us from the @JoinTheQSA arrest helpline with news of the 100th Stay Of Prosecution and cannabis enthusiast and suspension record holder Jamie Zeederberg will also be with us in studio.

Episode 48

Streamed live on 30 Aug 2018
Duration: 26:21 + 44:22
Guests: Bobby Greenhash & Stoned Bones

Tonight’s #HotboxShow is coming at you live from Richard’s By on the KwaZulu Natal North Coast. We’re guests of the Bobby Greenhash Foundation, with the man himself on the Hotbox couch. Join Buzz, Jules and Jo with guests Bobby and Bones for a special edition of this weeks show.

Dollar a gram bankies, rate my grow, open letter to the ConCourt and an update on the CDCSA are some of the topics up for discussion tonight.


Episode 47

Episode 47: ft THE MEDIBLE CREW
Streamed live on 23 Aug 2018
Duration: 1:13:07
Guests: Wendy, Waldo &
Hangouts: Allyessa Brookes

On tonight’s #HotboxShow we’ve got a couch full of medible cannasseurs. We plan to get them baked and steal all their secrets while Buzz gets the conversation going with this week’s cannabizareness and headlines.

Druglord paying a million rand fine, cops beating the shit out of a Rastafarian on the Natal South Coast, Dagga lollies in a larney boys school and more.

Episode 46

Episode 46: ft Dave & Natalie Sewell
Streamed live on 16 Aug 2018
Duration: 1:21:22
Guests: Dave & Natalie Sewell, Quintin

On this weeks #HotboxShow our studio guests have a remarkable story to tell about cannabis oil and how it can klap cancer. Not only have this married couple lived through the stress of such an illness, but after coming out of the other side with a bill of good health, they’ve become the most awesome ambassadors for Dagga activism.

Join us for all the usual hour of shennigans and bizarre worldwide weedanomics, plus a really heartwarming story about what awesome medicine your favourite plant is.

Episode 45

Episode 45: ft Jeremy Acton
Streamed live on 11 Aug 2018
Duration: 1:11:15
Guests: Myrtle, B-Rad
Hangouts: Jeremy Acton

On this week’s #HotboxShow we’ll be joined from Cape Town by Jeremy David Acton, leader of Iqela Lentsango: The Dagga Party of South Africa for a long overdue catch up. We’ll be chatting about the ConCourt, Stays Of Prosecution and asking him for his take on the Dagga Party Facebook page being hacked.

Cops smuggling weed into prison, local radio station fined for sex dagga segment, how to die from weed and other worldwide cannabis bizzarities coming your way.

Episode 44

Streamed live on 2 Aug 2018
Duration: 27:27 + 38:04
Guests: Chron Burgundy & Nic Blaze

Cannabis friendly rehabs – how much is too much weed?, The Dagga Party Facebook hacked and so much dagga in the car, the driver couldn’t see the cops in the rear view mirror. all this and more live from the #HotBoxShow with Buzz chatting to Hip Hop crew Chron Burgundy and Nic BLAZE


Episode 43

Streamed live on 26 July 2018
Duration: 1:19:21
Guests: Stix

What have weed disguised as bacon, hemp infused gin, public meltdowns on Instagram and Uber Dagga snitches got in common?
They are some of the subjects of offer from the crew on this week’s #HotBoxShow. Join Buzz, Dan, Jules and studio guest Ruan Stix Fourie, podcaster, SEO tweaker and owner at gevaaalik.com for all the skinner, news and views from the zany world of cannabis legalisation.

Join us on tonight’s live chat and stand in line for some groovy giveaways courtesy of The High Co.


Episode 42

Streamed live on 19 July 2018
Duration: 1:17:39
Guests: Myrtle, Robyn, Penny
Hangouts: Allyessa Brookes, Jodie Emery

Its the 42nd edition of the #HotboxShow! To mark this auspicious occasion, we’ve planned a “Women in Cannabis” edition after Myrtle and Jules’ inspiring visit to the Sensi Seeds sponsored Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum summer exhibition “We Are Mary Jane: Women in Cannabis” in Amsterdam recently.

Buzz will be joined in studio by a girl filled couch and will be chatting to Alessya Brookes #ZolBarbie in Cape Town, and on a live feed from Vancouver Canada, Myrtle will be chatting to the Princess Of Pot #JodieEmery.
What a treat!

Episode 41

Episode 41: ft PATRICK STEVENS @BiobizzWwo
Streamed live on 12 July 2018
Duration: 1:17:39
Guests: Greendalph & Sid
Hangouts: Patrick Stevens – Biobizz

This week’s #HotboxShow was another bumper edition with no less than 3 guests. Dan welcomed back JHB grow enthusiast Tony, and PTA based grow expert Sid onto the couch and we beamed in Patrick Stevens from #BiobizzWwo in Europe to give us the low down on their latest products and what to look out for.

We’ll also had some #localislekker product reviews from #HectikPaperz and #VapirWise. Big up to them for sending us some stoner swag. Expect an extended edition of this weeks show with all the strange and simply loopy cannabis news and views you’ve come to expect from SA’s one and only #daggaculture current affairs show.

Episode 40

Episode 40: ft ARNE INKULULEKO
Streamed live on 5 July 2018
Duration: 1:16:18
Guests: Arne Inkululeko

On this weeks #HotboxShow we’re talking all things #hemp. Buzz will be joined by studio by botanist and hemp maestro Arné Inkululeko who has just had an excellent African hemp industry article published in a premier European Hemp monthly magazine. Jules will also be in studio with lots of goodies from a recent visit to a Czech Republic hemp farm.

Join the crew for all the weeks global and local cannaoddities, news and product reviews coming your way. This week we showcase some artistry from @skunk glass in Cape Town




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